“This is not mine, this I am not, this is not myself” Buddha

Norman Chen
3 min readMar 23, 2021
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If a scumbag makes a friend it is likely another scumbag in the list of friends. I was learning to become a digital marketer, guess what, I made lots of friends from the digital marketing industry.

Do you dream and hear voices of familiar people in your head? Do you have control in what you dream and hear? Like most people if you say “I don’t have control” then it is high time you start to do the following:

  1. Guarding your faculties means that we are aware of all our 6 senses at all time.

On seeing, realize you are seeing, and the brain stops processing into something more.

If your brain do not realize consciously seeing then it will be automatically processed further by your brain to become an element to be reinforced in your head.

The eyes, ears, tongue, nose, body and mind are faculties that must be guarded against outside stimuli. That’s the origin of cause and effect.

What is suffering is non-self, what is non-self should be seen really is with correct wisdom thus, this is not mine, this I am not, this is not myself, seeing thus he understands there is no state of beings. Buddha

2. Understand the temporary nature of mind objects

An image arises and diminishes, that which you experience and become aware of arising inside your head subsides.

Being aware of the arising is difficult however conscious of subsiding is easier for a beginner.

Such is the natural law of everything especially so of those elements and formation inside of our heads.

3. Happy vs suffering

“One who seeks delight in the mind is not free from suffering” Buddha

Pleasure is walking on a slippery slope, oil streaming down continuously from top to bottom of a hill, clinging on to pleasure is going up against that slippery slope, we realize soon enough of no control, and we slide into unhappiness in face of impermanence.

This is the impermanent nature of things and anything that are temporary in nature bring us suffering. Observing impermanence we step to happiness because with correct wisdom we realize “ it is not mine, this I…



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