The 6 Stop Suffering Tips, Tricks & Tools Everyone Needs To Know

Norman Chen
5 min readJun 22, 2020

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama

SLOWING DOWN allows our Body and Mind more time to listen to us!

That is not possible! “My Mind won’t listen to me”!

Practice these 1 minute exercises will change your life forever because you will influence both your BODY and MIND through communication and you will understand the THE RULE OF IMPERMANENCE.

And through improved CONCENTRATION, our BODY and MIND will be able to communicate in record time and efficiently.

The MIND and BODY dislike being controlled especially by a STRANGER.

If you practice for 3 times a day for 1 minute each, in sequence (don’t jump step), rehearse your BODY & MIND communication with your voice within, you will soon find your BODY & MIND responding to your voice as a FRIEND.

This is a really simple in concept but in reality it took a lot of connection and communication for my voice to become first my friend to later on becoming my FAMILY!

Alfred Kenneally
  1. SLOW DOWN is a 1 minute exercise on how to walk…yes, how to walk, and walk slowly.

a. You must take note of every aspect of walking “left, right, left, right”, as you plant your foot with each step.

b. Take note of each lifting and dropping of your foot with your voice within labelling “lifting” and “dropping”.

c. Slow Down your walking and keep labelling your leg movement for a minute long

2. SHARPENING is a 1 minute exercise to block out the noises in your head.

a. Practice sounding the word “INTENDING” every time prior to lifting your arm to put food into your mouth.

b. Again sound out “INTENDING” when you drop your arm to fetch another serving.

c. Practice “INTENDING” “lifting” and “dropping” of your arm at every meal time for a minute long.

d. Add label “INTENDING” prior to walking as mentioned in exercise 1 above prior to every walking step you make.

d. This is a 1 minute short-cut to attaining a higher level of MINDFULNESS.



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