The #1 Restaurant Tips Millionaire Restaurateur Use Every Day

Norman Chen
10 min readSep 5, 2020

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One of the fastest ways to tap into your mind for more ideas and energy to make more profit and bring more traffic to your Restaurant is to ASK!

Now, if you’d like to succeed at Promotion, Digital Marketing And Customer Generation, here are 3 sure-fire secrets for doing just that!

Secret #1: Ask Yourself A 101 Times WHY You Price Your Menu The Way You Do?

A main idea most Restaurant Owner overlook is the fact that the price you offer to get customers to come to your restaurant has to be a HUGE value and it has to offer the promise of tasting something super good for them, almost instantly you need to win their emotion so you know exactly who your customers are, and then you need to spend a little bit of time marketing every single day to the same customers who love the taste.

Most restaurateur only highlight the features of whatever they’re serving; you have to go in the opposite direction of what most restaurateurs do that keep them guessing and wasting time serving what they want to sell instead of what customers’ want. You have to figure that out first! you can replace just about any dishes in the menu when you know what customers want..

So, here’s what this means: if you don’t deliver an immediate result, the vast majority of customers won’t even bother to return to your restaurant no matter what you offer. If you don’t know what your menu is worth to your customer you are operating at a huge disadvantage; if you serve the same as every restaurant owner who is serving in the menu which is what you want to sell and not what customers want to buy then you can’t scale your business.

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