How To Overcome Noise In Your Head

Norman Chen
8 min readJul 4, 2020

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If your rent isn’t overdue, your business isn’t losing money, and your head isn’t spinning!

Then you aren’t the one that I am talking to!

The cursing on the tennis court didn’t help!

The beating I gave to myself everyday didn’t help!

Sitting motionlessly for an hour a day, 5 times a day for 7 years finally helped!

For several times a day, excruciating pain invaded my joints, too much for any human to bear.

When my mind and body are in tune with each other, those excruciating pain goes away.

Open the line of communication between body and mind, watch the incessant rising and disappearing of pain.

With a great feeling of accomplishment, a great sense of control, and an overwhelming victory over pain.

Suddenly, hit by a migraine, right where the base of skull sat on the neck, a nagging migraine, another excruciating pain.

What started as a pain became a migraine! Pretty soon it became apparent that the more I want control of my mind and body, the more severe the migraine became.

Our Voice WITHIN is an internal monologue. We don’t HEAR in the ears.

Without that Voice WITHIN you are as good as dead!

You didn’t pay attention to Voice WITHIN and you were only concerned with projected voice.

The projected voice maybe beautiful but the Voice Within is POWERFULL!

The Voice WITHIN inside our heart, a voice from the heart!

Our daily 100,000 pumping heart, energize Body and Mind. The same heart speaks to our Body and Mind with a voice from the heart.

The secret to creating this communication?

Once a proud businessman, I drank the finest wines and slurped on Caviars.



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