Karma Points For Life

Norman Chen
8 min readDec 4, 2020

Communicate in a way to be understood because effective communication will lead to a Karmic game changer (explain more later).

Execute your next intention with end in mind because clarity of your goal begins with a visual of the future outcome.

An example is when you delegate to a doer to produce result. It is not your expectated result anymore but the doer’s!

The future outcome becomes visual to the doer and therefore the clarity of the goal in the mind of the doer is transparent.

“Intentionalize” (observe your intention) prior to thinking, seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, or smelling.

Detect every actions or reactions arising and falling similar to experiencing wave-like swelling follow by flattening.

Watch with curiosity the waxing and waning of a thought. Then gain that insight leading to a wide illuminated walk path to trot on.

  1. Negative actions and negative thoughts will add up to negative Karma Points for this life.

My presence in this world is because of my Karma Points from previous life but my current action and intention will determine my Karma Points in this life accumulated towards next life.

If an ant crawled up to me and I killed that ant the result is a negative Karma Points for me. As I accumulate more negative Karma points I am depriving myself of a good life after I ended this one.

2. Loving kindness deeds and loving kindness thoughts give you positive Karma Points for use in next life.

My presence in this world is because of my Karma Points from previous life and my current action and intention…



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