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Norman Chen


A trusted writer-reader relationship instill fealty among your readers. You give your readers a tribe they belong to.

Write because we want to sell or purchase something and it is also through sales or a purchase that the commitment to each other and relationship matured.

As with any involvement between two or more people regularly writing (in contact) keeps our readers involve.

Connected through our writing, create a relationship between readers and us. They gave us their attention when attracted to us.

We gain authority when our readers begin to respect, admire, and accept us. Retention of our readers become an important reason for us to continue to write and fascinate our readers. We do not like to lose what we earned.

Finally, an ascension plan for our readers to upgrade this relationship is a good idea to implement a loyalty or inner circle program.

Daily writing with a clear purpose in mind!!!

  1. Explain who are you?
  2. Why are you doing this and why should readers listen to you?
  3. Establish a short “origin, back story”.
  4. Create a bond with your reader by throwing a stone against a common enemy.
  5. Make believable by disclosing your vulnerability
  6. Highlight a truth
  7. Mention the mindset to adopt
  8. Impart values readers should believe in such as anti-procrastination, and decisiveness
  9. List the values readers are buying from writers, such as investment in education, investment for life, stand up against norms and against criticisms.
  10. Inculcate discipline with rules for readers to conform with
  11. Give example of values contrary to readers’ thinking
  12. Build up readers’ self-confidence and courage
  13. Discourage by shaming undesired behavior

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