How I Made Money

Norman Chen
2 min readApr 16, 2021

An epiphany, bouncing back like a tennis ball off a wall of pain, loss and misery, achieving a plan despite piercing pains and resistances, transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly, creating a great wealthy, healthy and happy individual in the end.

An unimaginable transformation as if I am listening to a Tony Robbins walking away convince I am the NEXT to recover from my unforeseen, unfortunate circumstance.

Then of course, those tennis balls that that didn’t bounced back, those that we don’t hear of, are far too common, too prevalent and a great majority of us in this category of silence.

When I lost my first million dollar at age 35 due to my ignorance, I sweared to kill myself if I lose another $1 — I lost another million at 48 to a jealous competitor.

I didn’t bounce back, the tennis ball didn’t bounce back. My fortune, my wealth took a devastating hit when a recent military coup in Burma that shadowed the year long Covid-19 that inactivated my restaurants and my sausage factory.

For the last 25 years I spent in Burma, hardened by the tumultuous economic conditions of sanctions, finally beaten and flattened to the ground on 1st February 2021. That’s the day Burma from democratic became military state overnight, when the Generals put the government in lock-ups and in 2 months shot to death 700+ lives and imprisoned over 2000 unarmed protesters.

One day a “Ding” and my phone displayed a message and it said I received $1 from Medium through this…



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