Balancing Act

Norman Chen
7 min readJan 20, 2021

In darkness I dwelled for such a long time. Plenty of sparkles but still not bright enough.

Falling income affected my confidence, failing my wife and my children I hide.

The confluence of feelings sour in the heart…I am helpless and I am fearful to action. Failures wasn’t going away, so sticking to doing nothing, I meditated.

I invested in learning finally. Began to find my way in darkness. A journey, a path, dark and narrow, in which aspiration in itself was not enough. I did an objective assessment of myself, one which was long overdue, found out I was failing in my mindset because of a wrong view on body and business.

Going forward on my path, to be brighter and wider, my journey already looks and feels different. The road ahead will be brightly paved, to reflect all the lights, wide enough to shift for a fast ride.

I asked myself 30 questions and out of 120 points I got 61 points. In business and self, I am far away. In spiritual much better. In mindset more improvement needed.

The trigger-drift-shift, developed by Garrett in Wake Up Warriors, hit me hard. For a long time I was in the pit. I didn’t pull on the brake instead slide down the drift to the pit. After several false lifts, triggered over again. I needed a shift and a lift towards the peak.

Mindset weak, business failing, money short, wealth halt and self cold….I am screwed so far! Let’s put an agenda but first pull on the brake and raise a rage. Use that rage to…



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