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A trusted writer-reader relationship instill fealty among your readers. You give your readers a tribe they belong to.

Write because we want to sell or purchase something and it is also through sales or a purchase that the commitment to each other and relationship matured.

As with any involvement between two or more people regularly writing (in contact) keeps our readers involve.

Connected through our writing, create a relationship between readers and us. They gave us their attention when attracted to us.

We gain authority when our readers begin to respect, admire, and accept us. Retention of our readers become…

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If a scumbag makes a friend it is likely another scumbag in the list of friends. I was learning to become a digital marketer, guess what, I made lots of friends from the digital marketing industry.

Do you dream and hear voices of familiar people in your head? Do you have control in what you dream and hear? Like most people if you say “I don’t have control” then it is high time you start to do the following:

  1. Guarding your faculties means that we are aware of all our 6 senses at all time.

On seeing, realize you are…

An epiphany, bouncing back like a tennis ball off a wall of pain, loss and misery, achieving a plan despite piercing pains and resistances, transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly, creating a great wealthy, healthy and happy individual in the end.

An unimaginable transformation as if I am listening to a Tony Robbins walking away convince I am the NEXT to recover from my unforeseen, unfortunate circumstance.

Then of course, those tennis balls that that didn’t bounced back, those that we don’t hear of, are far too common, too prevalent and a great majority of us in this category…

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The year was 1999 when I lost all my happiness when my newly wed wife disappeared on me. Someone whom I am still so crazy about, so in love with, had gone missing.

Overwhelmed my body, my mind, lamentation took control of me.

The thought that she could have been abducted by her ex-boyfriend, that my love of my life was gone forever from my life. Disgusted and angry, my body and my mind was overwhelmed by hatred.

  1. Eat, Sleep, Pray and Love — all which bring joy bring suffering. With the diminishing of joy increasingly suffering emerge and eventually…

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama

SLOWING DOWN allows our Body and Mind more time to listen to us!

That is not possible! “My Mind won’t listen to me”!

Practice these 1 minute exercises will change your life forever because you will influence both your BODY and MIND through communication and you will understand the THE RULE OF IMPERMANENCE.

And through improved CONCENTRATION, our BODY and MIND will be able to communicate in record time and efficiently.

The MIND and BODY dislike being controlled especially by a STRANGER.

If you practice for…

Love of the reason I don't give up is because I have a super-strong "why" such as an affliction.

In darkness I dwelled for such a long time. Plenty of sparkles but still not bright enough.

Falling income affected my confidence, failing my wife and my children I hide.

The confluence of feelings sour in the heart…I am helpless and I am fearful to action. Failures wasn’t going away, so sticking to doing nothing, I meditated.

I invested in learning finally. Began to find my way in darkness. A journey, a path, dark and narrow, in which aspiration in itself was not enough. …

Communicate in a way to be understood because effective communication will lead to a Karmic game changer (explain more later).

Execute your next intention with end in mind because clarity of your goal begins with a visual of the future outcome.

An example is when you delegate to a doer to produce result. It is not your expectated result anymore but the doer’s!

The future outcome becomes visual to the doer and therefore the clarity of the goal in the mind of the doer is transparent.

“Intentionalize” (observe your intention) prior to thinking, seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, or smelling.

Norman Chen

A Mind Body Coach Empowering You the Mastery Of Your Emotion, Spirit, Physical, Relationship, Financial and most important of ALL….YOUR DESTINY.

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