How Did I Stop Being Unlucky

Norman Chen
6 min readJul 17, 2020
  1. How do I overcome pain?

Left..right, left.. right, left..right, marching in my full battle order, the tortured body felt no pain during my 36 months of Army training.

The repetition, rhythm, and concentration kept the pain away!

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Slow down my friend, your current pace of life is too fast. You need to be aware of every action and reaction, every intention and feeling, every contact with smell, taste, sight, touch, sound, and thought.

2. Do you believe you are an unlucky person? One who has been unfairly subjected to events of bad luck? Are you ready for a change of Luck?

a. Why do you need constant awareness? This is to allow you to communicate with your body and mind through mindfulness!

b. The idea of “self” is like an itch or pain which will disappear and re-appear. It is not permanent but subject to rising…rising…rising, and falling….falling….falling. Awareness of intention is so important to slowing down and to create a powerful channel of communication therefore, “intending rising…., rising…., rising….., intending, falling…., falling…., falling” .

c. In this exercise, for 1 minute, go on a slow motion walk, up and down your living room (any of other space at home or at work, indoor or outdoor). While keeping…



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